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The purpose of this page is to pass along tips, quirks, and bugs that we know about when viewing this site with various software configurations. If you find any of this stuff to be helpful or enlightening, please send us a generous contribution. If not, just remember that it was free.

We have categorized the information to make it easier for you to get hopelessly lost in the mire. Start by clicking on the appropriate topic, then see if you can find your way back. Reboot as a last resort. Suicide is not an option.

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Design Objectives

The objective of this site is to showcase some of the technology that we offer in website development and to be a fun place to visit. Which makes us wonder what in the world you are doing here in the midst of all this techno-geek garbage. Get out while you have some of your sanity left! If it's too late for that, then read on.

We have optimized* for Netscape 3.0 with the Shockwave for Director 5 plug-in and the standard Windows 256 color palette at 640x480 resolution. That means that if you have those installed and tuned properly and you didn't leave your dog outside on a cold night, then most of the stuff should work at least some of the time. We also do some testing with Internet Explorer 3.0 and some earlier versions of Netscape. They usually don't work. If you have anything else, you're lucky to even be able to read this paragraph.

*Well, "optimized" is really an oxymoron used in conjunction with 640x480 and 256 colors. What we mean is that we've designed to that as a least common denominator. If you want optimum viewing, go to something like 800x600 with true color.

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General Tips


We've divided the screen up into sections called frames. If you've never worked with frames before, get ready to go nuts. Two things to be aware of:


Make sure you have plenty. Let the browser have what you can afford for cache. You might also want to increase the default transmission buffer size. And disk. Lots of disk cache. Heck, just go out and buy the biggest, fastest machine you can find and don't run anything but your internet software. It won't help much with your 4800 bps modem, but you'll feel better.

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Love is a stumphole full of grasshoppers.

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These comments should apply to all versions of Netscape. Anything specific to a version will be listed below by version. If this section gets too long, we'll put a sub-index for it here. Or else we'll just quit updating it. We'd rather be working on your website than ours anyhow.

Netscape 4.0

We are just beginning to test this version.

Netscape 3.x

Nothing specefic for this release yet.

Netscape 2.x

Most of our testing has been with Release 2.02 (a 2.01 system behaves a little differently, but we think that is a Compuserve issue). Unless otherwise noted, these comments apply to 2.02.
Prior to 2.0

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Internet Explorer

We have been testing with Explorer 3.0. Other than yucky colors, everything seems to be working at this point (but it didn't come easy).

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Other Browsers

I feel all wierd inside. Didn't think anybody could actually get to this point with another browser. Got to take a few more of those funny shaped pills and keep going. If you will let us know what browser you're using and what it does on this site, we'll add that information to our vast warehouse of information.

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Dick was supposed to supply this information, but he hasn't turned it in. I think his dog ate his notes. Yeh, that's it. The dog ate his notes and then the dog bit him and he had to go to the hospital. The dog ate his notes and bit him and he went to the hospital and then he died. Yeh, that's it--Dick died and couldn't turn in this section. Actually, he just got drunk and passed out. Shame, Dick!

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America On Line

We haven't tried to access via AOL yet. Just thought you might be impressed that we know what AOL stands for.

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Nothing specific to Windows yet, but you can bet there will be. We'll let you know.

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We haven't tested on a Mac. Probably because we don't have one. We will try to get some feedback down the road. We expect some color issues, especially with the "Interactive" animation since it was done with the Windows system palette.

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We wondered if anyone would actually look for tips under this heading. If you are using OS/2, you are obviously a smart--no, brilliant--person who doesn't need our help. Please forgive us for wasting your time.

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