Well, don't let us keep you from it. Better yet, let us help you out. But just so you don't sneak off and forget about us, most of the stuff in this section will be shown in separate browser windows. We'll be lurking in the background so that you can close those windows and get back to us. The "BACK" button on Netscape won't do it; you'll have to close the windows.

If you select "Games", that's what you'll get. Most of them will be links to other sites, but we'll be adding some right here at the ant colony when we don't have any real work to do.

"Links" will lead you to some cool, interesting, weird or ditzy places we have found. A lot of them will show what can be done with Shockwave technology.

"Surprise"??? Well, it wouldn't be one if we told you. But you probably won't get the same thing every time so you may want to try it more than once.